Mike Levine Wants Your Opinion About A Possible New All-Adventure Insecticide 16 Oct, 2012 / 5 comments

Mike Levine, co-creator of Insecticide with Larry Ahern, wants your opinion on the possibility of a new Insecticide game:

Hey, Larry Ahern and I have been tossing the idea around of a new Insecticide game, this time losing the action and making it more of a pure adventure game. Curious how many people would be into this? Should we join the trend and do a Kickstarter?? Or can everyone just mail us bags of cash so we don't have to give KS 1/3 of the money?! Anyway, we really want to bring Chrys and Roachy back to life ... their's was kind of cut short, and they have a lot of bugs left to squash!!

Would people like to see this happen? If so let us know!



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    Skooj on 30 Oct, 2012, 21:36…
    Maybe they'll make the new one a prequel, to get everybody comfy with the Insecticide universe.
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    Overmann on 17 Oct, 2012, 14:28…
    Insecticide is great, an adventure only version would be even better.
    I demand that you make this game sir!
    If you want to see the last half of Insecticide, just watch the videos on YouTube
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    Rum Rogers on 16 Oct, 2012, 22:17…
    Never played Insecticide, but I'd buy an Insecticide adventure game at once.
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    p1r473 on 16 Oct, 2012, 20:23…
    Sorry, the first one part 2 wasnt console only, it as handheld only (nintendo ds)
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    p1r473 on 16 Oct, 2012, 20:21…
    I wouldnt be able to get into their franchise until I could play part 2 of the first game... Part 1 of the first game is on steam, but part 2 never made it to pc (console only) . so I wouldnt be able to hop into a new game of theirs until first being able to finish the first one completely on pc

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