Maniac Mansion diorama: last known photographs 13 Jan, 2022 / 3 comments

A few years back I penned a dubiously-formatted article that pondered the art style of Maniac Mansion, its sequel and its promotional materials under the fraudulent pretext that I had insight to lend to the exercise of comparing them.

Along the way I made a point of highlighting the cover of Nintendo Power Issue #16, which advertised the game’s NES port in the form of a clay diorama depicting the mansion and some of the characters built very much not to scale. It’s a super-rad piece of work that I was always taken by, and I was bummed that we couldn’t track down the artist for their recollections.

But the web has a way of turning things up, and it appears that last year Comic Art Fans published a little stub about the diorama. It is revealed, unsurprisingly, to have been destroyed after being used for the magazine, but the artist apparently had it in their yard for a while, and some photographs survive which really show off the craft that went into the commission. You can check out the photos at the link. I’ve also thrown them in a gallery because after all, theft is the sincerest form of stealing things.

Source: Comic Art Fans



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    AlfredJ on 14 Jan, 2022, 22:20…

    That's just too cool. Amazing work.
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    KoneJone on 14 Jan, 2022, 07:40…
    We must build a time machine to get it back and put it where it belongs: on my shelf.
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    jp-30 on 14 Jan, 2022, 05:27…

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