Limited Run takes the joke too far with ReMI “Gold Key Bundle” 20 Jan, 2023 / 3 comments

In his coverage for Limited Run’s upcoming Return to Monkey Island physical release(s), Remi noted the unusual offering of an “upgrade kit,” in which you get an expanded and corrected version of the Anthology box (with the game logos in the correct order, in addition to appending ReMI’s position) along with a smattering of additional trinkets.

Well, Limited Run is workshopping an altogether new comedy sketch with the so-called “Gold Key Bundle.” See, the other quirk of these releases that you may remember was that each of the four individual editions (one per platform), plus the upgrade kit, would respectively include replicas of each of the five keys Guybrush collects in the game’s second half, in a predatory play for the OCD fan who's gotta catch 'em all. A visual reminder of how all that shakes out (note the bottom left of each picture):

For those who have lost their goddamned minds and would actually pursue that, the distributor is helpfully offering a comprehensive bundle of all the above for an even $419.99.

What kind of diseased mind even conceives of this stuff? Anyhoodle: buy away. Bankruptcy ain’t nothing but a number.

Source: Limited Run Games



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    GuaW on 22 Jan, 2023, 15:50…
    The whole offert sound like a joke.
    89.99*4+59.99=419.95 : that mean taking the fan bundle pack is more expensive than manually adding each release in the same command ....
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    ThunderPeel2001 on 21 Jan, 2023, 21:10…
    Indeed, when I saw this I just thought "fuck right off".
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    OzzieMonkey on 21 Jan, 2023, 07:30… they're just taking the piss.

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