Limited Run preparing 30th Anniversary Monkey Island 1 - 3 4 anthology 09 Jul, 2020 / 3 comments

While you count down the hours to tomorrow's Limited Run release of Star Wars Episode I Racer, you can spend your time wondering if a buying a single boxed anthology of the first three four Monkey Island games is something you'd be willing to do.


View the tweet.

Due for launch this October, so a bit of time to save your silver coins.

Update by Remi: As you may already have noticed, Escape from Monkey Island will too be bundled. JP's paycheck has already been docked due to his embarrassing error.

Source: Limited Run Games



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    jp-30 on 09 Jul, 2020, 20:52…
    Dammit, Remi's right (via Laserschwert) - weird that they doubled up on the MI1 logo on their tweet image and left MI4 off. Here's the presentation video with the 10 second MI Anthology announcement which reveals almost nothing.

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    Rum_Rogers on 09 Jul, 2020, 13:51…
    Gonna buy two. One to be kept shrinkwrapped, the other one meant to be open but eventually to be kept shrinkwrapped because I don't have the guts to ruin it.
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    Laserschwert on 09 Jul, 2020, 08:02…
    During the announcement on their stream yesterday the bottom right SE logo was actually the Escape from Monkey Island logo, so it might as well be 1-4.

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