IGN MI2:SE E3 stage demo video arrives in a torrent of acronyms 17 Jun, 2010 / 2 comments

We promised it to you earlier, Mojo readers, and here it is. As brought to our attention by professional Mojo forum member/zombie hunter* Threepwood4life, IGN has finally uploaded the video from yesterday's Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge, Special Edition stage demo.

Cool Special Edition features include dynamic lighting on the character sprites, the ability to highlight all usable objects on the screen, and the presence of a three-tiered hint system. We can also see some all-new idle animations that Guybrush now has, and there's a demonstration of how the developer commentary works.

Plus, we finally get a good look at the new Verb Coin-style radial interface, which tailors itself to fit the object you've selected. I'd say it's sort of like the icon interface used in Gabriel Knight 3.

Also there's a glimpse of the art gallery, of which the recent 1UP video has a much more detailed look.

The video is embedded below for the benefit of slackers who can't be bothered to click a link. But we both know you're better than that. You DO read Mojo, after all.

*(Note: he may or may not actually be a zombie hunter)


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    Kroms on 18 Jun, 2010, 06:16…
    Insightful commentary :/
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    Threepwood4life on 17 Jun, 2010, 21:19…
    Who says I'm not a zombie hunter ;)

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