MI2:SE in the E3 LucasArts booth 17 Jun, 2010 / 2 comments

LucasArts is currently showing off Monkey Island 2, LeChuck's Revenge, Special Edition at their E3 booth, and 1UP has posted a video of their visit. Or maybe at a bigger size for you people who need to fill up more space on your monitors. It covers basically the same ground as the IGN live video demo streamed earlier today, which we'll also provide for you just as soon as it gets archived online.

This video contains further evidence that the Concept Art gallery is going to be really neat. I'd say more, but I daren't spoil the surprise.


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    bgbennyboy on 17 Jun, 2010, 16:56…
    If you look at parts of that video - like around 10:48, you can see them using the game's debug mode.

    If you look at the strings in the corner, some of them match up with those found in tweaks.txt in MI1SE. That appears to confirm what we thought - that tweaks.txt is somehow involved in debug mode.
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    QueZTone on 17 Jun, 2010, 06:10…
    Yeah, definitely a good special edition! Looking forward!

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