Full Throttle 2 haunts from beyond the grave with newly discovered cutscenes 26 Jun, 2022 / 2 comments

”Sometimes dead is better.” There are far less accurate ways of summing up the general community reaction to the cancellation of Full Throttle: Hell on Eyes Wheels back in 2003. It was quite the contrast with the martyrdom Sam & Max: Freelance Police enjoyed when it met its fate six months later.

Still, the axed sequel remains the subject of some fascination, however morbid, and now the tide has washed up further material to masticate on. Forumgoer “Radogol” points us to the YouTube channel of one Evan Hanley, who uploaded two unfinished cutscenes from the game, never before seen:

For all you old LucasArts and Full Throttle fans, I thought this would catch your eye. I found about this game over a year ago and found two never before seen cutscenes, one of them being this. I'm still doing research as we speak into it.


This is the other cutscene I found for the cancelled Full Throttle sequel.


Any judgment of these clips should take into account that we’re looking at a far from finished glimpse at a PS2-era game. (Accounting for all of that, though: Good grief.) It’s a rare discovery, and hopefully not the last -- this isn't something Evan was likely to have just stumbled on while cleaning out the sock drawer.

If you’re finding yourself a junkie for more Full Throttle 2 information in the meantime, a decent recap of the game’s development can be found at Lucasdelirium, while Mojo’s own account is recorded around this chapter and verse of our titillating, clothbound memoir.

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    ThunderPeel2001 on 26 Jun, 2022, 22:43…
    Unfinished? You mean they weren't going to slide across the floor in the final version??

    It should be noted that these are more likely *animatics*. They could have looked wonderful when fully animated and rendered. Surely on par, or better than, what we saw in Escape from Monkey Island.
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    ThreeHeadedMonkey on 26 Jun, 2022, 22:26…
    Woof! Adventure games really suffered from hitting the 3D ceiling. I'm glad developers have realised that pretty, 2D graphics still work amazingly well for some genres.

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