Firewatch to get film adaptation, Rodkin the new Kubrick, Part II 18 Aug, 2020 / 1 comment

We reported on a Firewatch movie back in 2016, and now it seems things are gaining traction.

Snoot Entertainment and Campo Santo are joining forces this time around to produce a movie, nay, piece of cinema, centered around the 2.5-million-copies-sold game. Jake Rodkin and Sean Vanaman – no introductions needed – will receive production credits.

Meanwhile, the rest of Mojo staff is still doing Mojo, because we’re not sell-outs and not at all questioning certain life choices.

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    elTee on 18 Aug, 2020, 14:43…
    Jake becomes the first movie producer in history who ever made a design for the LucasTones website? Get out of here 2020

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