Firewatch to get film adaptation, Rodkin the new Kubrick 01 Oct, 2016 / 5 comments

Our friends at Campo Santo struck an exciting and unexpected partnership with film production company Good Universe (Oldboy,Neighbors). Hollywood Reporter has the scoop, which has admittedly seen hotter days:

Good Universe is teaming with independent video game developer and publishing company Campo Santo to develop content for both video games and feature films.

The companies will create a home for talent to develop projects that can bridge both the video game and feature film worlds. Their first project with be a film adaptation of Campo Santo’s first video game, Firewatch. The critically acclaimed game, released in February, is a first-person experience starring The Walking Dead's Cissy Jones and Mad Men's Rich Sommer. In the game, set in the Wyoming wilderness, a fire lookout named Henry uncovers clues in the wilderness about mysterious occurrences and a shadowy figure that seems to watch him from afar. His only means of communications is via a walkie-talkie with his supervisor, Delilah. It has sold almost 1 million copies to date.

“When we met Good Universe we were floored by how they recognize, cultivate and produce incredible stories. It's rare you meet another group that shares so many of your values and makes the process of creating things even more exciting. We can't wait to see what we make together," said Campo Santo founder Sean Vanaman, who announced the deal with co-founder Jake Rodkin and Good Universe’s co-founder Joe Drake and vp international Akshay Mehta.

The idea of a Firewatch movie is rad enough, but the broader relationship between the two studios described by the press release sounds intriguing and possibly unprecedented. We at Mojo of course cannot take all of the credit for this. Only most of it.

Source: Hollywood Reporter



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    Shmargin on 20 Nov, 2016, 02:22…
    final test
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    Shmargin on 20 Nov, 2016, 02:21…
    tripple test

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    Shmargin on 20 Nov, 2016, 02:20…
    test double test

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    AlfredJ on 01 Oct, 2016, 22:38…
    The career path these guys take is insane.

    They deserve every bit of it of course. But man, how many kidneys would most people here donate to go from running Lucasarts fansites to designing Sam & Max and Monkey Island games, to suddenly blowing up with 3000 GOTY-awards and inventing/boosting a whole new subgenre of story games to becoming fancy movie people?

    Fuck Jake. Congrats Jake.
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    Remi on 01 Oct, 2016, 21:18…
    Potentially best headline AND last-paragraph of a news post this year.

    Good job, Jason, you truly do deserve that raise.

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