Double Fine Special Edition 17 Feb, 2020 / 2 comments

Remember when I accidentally made a typo that stated that "Double Fine Remastered" was coming instead of "Full Throttle Remastered"?

I just remembered that Double Fine Special Edition does exist. It was released exclusively at PAX East 2016. I guess my typo was prescient after all.



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    Jennifer on 13 Aug, 2020, 06:01…
    Neato - did you happen to see me there when you got it - I was volunteering at the Double Fine booth that weekend. :D
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    Scummbuddy on 29 Feb, 2020, 21:44…
    I got this at that PAX conference. It's quite nice. It comes with many of their games and different postcards of their games where you can slide the postcard cover art of your choice into the front spot of the game box.

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