Remi Returns to Return to Monkey Island Which Is To Say…

I really had no plans of what to say when I set out to write this article. If anything, look at this as a stream of consciousness that, in the end, reads like a tribute to what I found to be a highly enjoyable experience. I get why some might disagree with things I felt—I do sympathize with those who would have preferred Monkey Island not to be a set of stories told by a father to his son.

But then, it’s all up to interpretations. Did all of the stories/games actually happen to Guybrush? Maybe they did. Or, maybe they are all made up. Believe what you want to believe; the canvas is fairly blank.

Oddly, one of my big takeaways from playing ReMI was gaining respect for the non-Dave/Ron games in the franchise. It may come down to that they all more easily can be separated from each other. If each game is a story told by an aging Guybrush Threepwood, then the differences in tone and execution add up. Though that’s just how my mind works.

In the end, I’m glad Ron’s schtick wasn’t a schtick at all, and I got to enjoy this fun and wistful game. We’re all getting older, and I would imagine I wasn’t the only one to recognize myself in Guybrush’s plight.

So, with all the oddities from when ReMI was announced, let’s go out on a perfect illustration of how most of us felt during those days. Over to our German bureau chief Marius on April 4th, 2022.