Make Us a Banner Contest The Rules

This is our second ever contest on Mixnmojo, and its not gonna be the last. In this contest you can win one of 2 copies of Escape from monkey island for the playstation2.

But! these arent any copies of EMI PS2, courtesy of lucasArts, included with them is the whole press kit from the EMI PS2 release party. including Beermat, magnet, press release and pirate hat, all in a red paper bag, whoop! - maybe we will include the signed ones? who knows.. and maybe we wil throw in extra goodies. like Grog!

The contest itself is simple. You must design and create a banner advert to advertise You dont necessarily have to be great at art to win, we will judge the banners on humour, artistic skills, or just the idea behind it. - We may never use these banners, but we thought it was time for a contest!

here is the best bit, we, the mojo Admins, will choose one winner and the other winner will be chosen by the readers.

The Rules and link to the submission form are below, You can also browse the current submissions and leave comments..

get those banners coming in!

The Rules.

  • The Banner must be 468 x 60 pixels in size.
  • The Banner should realistically be under 30k in file size but we may be lenient.
  • You can use JPG, GIF or Flash formats only
  • No Swearing or profanities please
  • No direct insulting of another website / person ( you can, if you like, use famous people, or mojo admins)
  • There is no rule #6
  • Whilst Mojo Staff are allowed to submit entries, and i encourage you to. No mojo staff will be winning this prize. (we will have an internal contest at some point probably, ok?)
  • You must be a member of mixnmojo, you may need to create and account
  • The Closing date is 4th July, 2 weeks from today.

I Agree to the rules, and i must participate!

Let me Browse the current entries!

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