Win EMI for PS2 20 Jun, 2001, 21:13 / 3 comments

Yes! it's contest time again at The House of Mojo! What do you have to do? Design us a banner to advetise our site. What do you win? A press pack from the EMI PS2 party! - this includes game, hat, beermat puzzle and press release! Go enter!


  • Jake on 21 Jun, 2001, 19:53…
    spaff is a lazy confused man.
  • spaff on 21 Jun, 2001, 14:16…
    Yeah i know.. i know.. i was in a rush to get to the airport ok ?!?!
  • PTDC on 20 Jun, 2001, 22:28…
    The closing date says June 4th. Sorry to break it to you but.... ;)