Excerpts from the Slack: Jake's Monkey Island Twitch Stream Watchalong Hour Three

At this point, it began to look like the COVID19 vaccine would be available before Jake got off Mêlée Island. Bleary-eyed and lightheaded, everyone nevertheless remained unwaveringly patient and in no way on the lookout for a stopping point:

jason 3:23 PM
I wonder if they're going to continue MI1 with another stream or just jump to MI2.

elTee 3:24 PM
I feel when people revisit games, they always give up at the same point
like, that's enough nostalgia now
and consequently the last third has the most stuff you've forgotten
so I hope they finish mi1

Remi 3:25 PM
I can't remember not playing it to the end myself.

elTee 3:26 PM
I remember the three trials inside out
the rest I remember, but there's always something new or something you forgot

jason 3:26 PM
This is a great scene.
It was always a save point for me.
Love that animation.

Remi 3:27 PM
Mr. Spicecake is a good throwback reference to the carrot cake.

Bennyboy 3:28 PM
I have to go now, someone please make sure he saves this

jason 3:28 PM
Oh the underwater hotspots being renamed in cruel ways after you look at them is an underrated gag.
@Bennyboy We'll sick ATM on him if he doesn't. Jake doesn't want that kind of heat.

Remi 3:29 PM
Man, what a thoroughly well thought out scene.

jason 3:29 PM
The conversation on the dock above Guybrush feels Schafer-esque.

Remi 3:29 PM
Feels more Grossman to me.

jason 3:30 PM
Damn, gauntlet thrown.

Remi 3:30 PM
Consensus: Not Ron.
God, this love scene.
Pure gold.

jason 3:30 PM
I never saw this scene for the longest time, because I would always get the Idol last.

elTee 3:30 PM
hee yes

Remi 3:30 PM
This, I will say, feels Schafer-esque.

jason 3:31 PM
In fact, I think the narrative walkthrough uses this scene, and I was confused.

elTee 3:31 PM
I think I've solved it different orders, but I definitely got this scene the first time

Remi 3:31 PM
Dude, Jake.
It shows up here in a second.

elTee 3:31 PM
"I feel a sudden urge to complete the trials"

jason 3:31 PM
It's sort of how EMI's story relies on the ending of MI1 where you leave the crew behind.
Dom's praise for Jesse Harlin's work: agreed.
The SE's virtues are mainly in the audio department.

Remi 3:32 PM
Wow, Dom listens to it regularly.
The man really is a fan.

jason 3:32 PM
See our interview on! :D

Remi 3:33 PM
"Did you know you can download the soundtrack from Mojo?"
Let's be shameless here.

Remi 3:35 PM
Geeze, Marius!
He's almost cutting himself for forgetting the puzzle. :~

jason 3:35 PM
He's worse than Jake when he talks about Tales. So much self-rebuke.
Dom says the shopkeeper was one of his favorite voice actors in the SE.

Remi 3:37 PM
Cannot remember his voice.

Dom singles out the shopkeeper as one of his favorite voices of the Special Edition. But who needs more than EGA?
Dom singles out the shopkeeper as one of his favorite voices of the Special Edition. But who needs more than EGA?

jason 3:37 PM
That's Jeff Harnell he's complimenting.
Wakko Warner in Animaniacs.

Remi 3:38 PM
Guy's got credentials.

jason 3:38 PM
Carla is meditating, Marius.
You can look at her I think and Guybrush makes a comment.

Remi 3:38 PM
He does.

jason 3:40 PM
Dom says in the early CMI builds they showed him for reference they had tiny characters from early games walking around in it.
Ahh, someone posted a picture.
Wasn't quick enough to print screen it.

Remi 3:41 PM
Oh, there's a link.

zaarin 3:41 PM
I remember it from PC Gamer
They did a big feature on CMI with LeChuck all over the front page
It's in a chest somewhere
The magazine chest

Remi 3:42 PM


jason 3:42 PM
Good work.

elTee 3:43 PM
all pictures like this will be on ATM's site guys, relax

jason 3:43 PM
I hope when ATM reads this he understands that the ridicule is coming from a place of fondness. ;

Remi 3:43 PM
He hasn't updated it in years.

jason 3:45 PM
Haha quality comment from the chat:"Tjibbertje: just stab her!!! she's standing right there!"

Remi 3:45 PM

jason 3:45 PM
If Jake would just plug in the Sonic and Knuckles accessory, he wouldn't be dealing with this.

Jake's victory over the Swordmaster is gratuitously delayed when the chat room's advice goes unnoticed.
Jake's victory over the Swordmaster is gratuitously delayed when the chat room's advice goes unnoticed.

zaarin 3:46 PM
ATM wanted, but he never did anything with it

Remi 3:46 PM
He has his
Incidentally hosted by me.
And not Mojo, but he still hates me. :~

jason 3:47 PM
You guys are always relegating ATM to the dustbin.

Remi 3:47 PM
"I'm so confused." -- great line.

jason 3:47 PM
"By whom?" Forgot about Guybrush's sterling grammar.

Remi 3:47 PM
I was thinking the same thing.

jason 3:48 PM
"So stupid. So good." - Jake on TM humor.

Remi 3:48 PM
"But, hey, good luck." -- very Schafer.

jason 3:49 PM
The mugs puzzle -- another thing the SE version made more complicated.
The weeping cook is so good.

Remi 3:49 PM
Yeah, it was goddamn awful in the SE.
Yeah, the tears animation.

jason 3:50 PM
Dom: "How many lives does Guybrush inadvertently destroy along the way?" Jake: "Enough."

elTee 3:50 PM
the guys in the chat are right, he's moving like stan

jason 3:50 PM
Yes, the hand waves.

Remi 3:50 PM
I never noticed before.

jason 3:50 PM
Or arm waves.

Remi 3:50 PM
You're right.

jason 3:51 PM
Someone have them revisit the Voodoo Lady.
I forget what happens at this state in the game.
Doesn't she disappear?

elTee 3:51 PM
stealing the credit note, in the long run
oh I see, sorry

Remi 3:51 PM
You can go see her and she'll give you some hints.
Then she disappears.

elTee 3:52 PM

jason 3:52 PM
Dom's Special Edition background is a demotion from his original choice of nothing.

Remi 3:52 PM
I share Jake's anxiety for that puzzle.
Yeah, seriously.

elTee 3:53 PM
oh man I've never freed the rat either!

Remi 3:53 PM
Hee, I have.
It's good.

elTee 3:53 PM
I bet that's funny

Remi 3:53 PM
Just a fun little detail.

jason 3:54 PM
I'd read an ATM article about that. All the dead-ends in LEC adventure games that have some funny content.
LeChuck erupting out of the Fester Shinetop suit absolutely has to be a Purcell animation.

Remi 3:55 PM
107 people watching this right now.

jason 3:55 PM
Oh wow, didn't even notice until Jake pointed it out that LeChuck has a Monkey Island map in his cabin.

Remi 3:55 PM
30 years late on that one. ;

jason 3:56 PM
LeChuck's animated beard is my favorite character reprised in MI2.
Eclipsing Guybrush Threepwood.
It is also new trivia to me that root beer was replaced with another beverage in the German version.

Remi 3:58 PM

jason 3:58 PM
Thank you, person in the chat.

Remi 3:58 PM
But god, how much does anyone really know about Germany?
They could have changed the whole game for all I know.

jason 3:58 PM
That does seem like a typo in the dialog. "return to learn future."

Remi 3:59 PM
It's Jamaican.

jason 3:59 PM
Well, at least while the Germans are preoccupying themselves with Monkey Island alterations they can't be up to any mischief.
Is there a way to export a Twitch chat log?

Remi 4:01 PM
Maybe for Jake?

zaarin 4:01 PM
People who put streams on Youtube usually just run Twitch with the chat in fullscreen and stream that into Youtube to preserve the chat

jason 4:02 PM
What if Guybrush getting the line of credit under false pretenses tanked the Melee Island economy and set the stage for Ozzie to come in years later and buy everyone out?
And they say EMI disrespected the canon.

Remi 4:02 PM
Hee, yeah, that sounds about right.

elTee 4:03 PM
this is the kind of magical thinking that leads to people voting for trump
EMI literally shits all over the MI1 version of the monkey head

jason 4:03 PM
Jake's hatred for the haggling puzzle: exposed.

Remi 4:04 PM
I'll admit... not my favorite part.

jason 4:04 PM
The main annoyance is that you have to walk all the way to the store and back.

Remi 4:04 PM
Captain Marley was not mentioned until MI2 was it?

jason 4:04 PM
One of EMI's most underrated features is the way you can press "O" to leave an interior all the way up to the overhead map.
@Remi That's my memory.

Remi 4:05 PM
I believe that is correct.
Toothrot is of course mentioned.

jason 4:05 PM
I want Carla and the sword trainer's history developed.
The Battle of Port Royal: A Monkey Island Story

Remi 4:05 PM
I'm sure fanfic exists.

jason 4:08 PM
Jake calling out all those rumors about a POTC connection to the aborted Monkey Island movie as unsubstantiated.

Remi 4:09 PM
Meaning it's now fact.

jason 4:10 PM
"I auditioned for Herman Toothrot." - Dom

Remi 4:10 PM
Well, now.

jason 4:10 PM
We just got a sample of his REJECTED voice.

Remi 4:10 PM
Actually, I knew that.

jason 4:11 PM
I'm starting to understand the hostility to this puzzle.

Remi 4:11 PM
It's... intricate.

jason 4:11 PM
Thrill as Guybrush conducts a fiscal transaction!

Remi 4:12 PM
A look at what was to come in the financial thriller, EMI.

jason 4:12 PM
Hee, poor Dom getting depressed about the Monkey Island movie concept art.
I think Marius is wrong about how recently this art emerged.

Remi 4:13 PM
This stuff has been around for years.

jason 4:13 PM
This all comes from the special edition bonus features.
And a number of them emerged long before that.

Remi 4:13 PM
Like, almost ten.
Started in about 2004.
The fucking safe...
Missing the pull, accidentally doing a push.

Opening the safe proves to be no one's favorite puzzle.
Opening the safe proves to be no one's favorite puzzle.

jason 4:16 PM
This feels worth preserving from the chat:
Tjibbertje: also my name was used in tales of monkey island! As the name of a pirate who drew a treasure map in a bonus mode where you had to do the maze puzzle to get wallpapers and store discounts. But they patched that mode out of all versions of the game later on, so my character is lost forever

Remi 4:16 PM
We're getting into the weeds now.

jason 4:17 PM
The chat has been really quality, actually. I hope this winds up under glass somehow.

zaarin 4:17 PM
That could be bullshit, though
Or not, I don't know

Remi 4:17 PM
Sounds a bit too odd to be BS.

zaarin 4:17 PM
ATM has made me paranoid

Remi 4:17 PM
Hee, yes.

jason 4:17 PM
Jake calling the empty cathedral "Loom-like". Totally.

zaarin 4:18 PM
Tjibbertje: @salty_horse I think that bonus mode was patched out because they didn't want to keep giving out store discounts or something? That's a question for telltale! I'm just a fan who was on the forums, and someone at telltale was nice enough to put my name in there

Stan is said to look like Toad when he's shrunken in the background.
Stan is said to look like Toad when he's shrunken in the background.

jason 4:21 PM
I like how the ridiculously luxurious ship you can't buy still looks modest compared to The Dainty Lady.

Remi 4:21 PM
Man, I don't even remember The Dainty Lady.

jason 4:21 PM

Remi 4:21 PM
I remember that.
But not that actual ship.

jason 4:24 PM
And here's where Stan gives you one of many things you can later burn.

Remi 4:24 PM
Gotta love the burn your inventory feature, though.
3.5 hours of this, good lord.
God, Jake, leave to the right!
You don't have to walk all the way back.

zaarin 4:26 PM
Time to enter the chat, Remi

Remi 4:26 PM
I will not lower myself to those standards.

jason 4:27 PM
I like the idea of Earl Boen reluctantly leaving retirement for Tales and the SEs.

jason 4:30 PM
Marius's Cinderella story about getting to intern at Telltale is nice.

Remi 4:30 PM
Just a German boy trying to good in this world.

jason 4:30 PM
Why couldn't benny help him out?
(In my head Germany is 65 square feet and everyone knows each other.)

Remi 4:31 PM
And they all wear lederhosen and eat strudel.
I'm pretty sure that's how it is.

jason 4:34 PM
This is another of the best scenes in the game.

Remi 4:34 PM
For sure.

jason 4:34 PM
"Stan, you son of a bitch." - Dom

Remi 4:34 PM

jason 4:35 PM
This is where Meathook immediately turns from diffident to foil.
I guess we're powering right through.
I love Part Two. Some of my favorite segments in LEC games are the limited location ones.

Remi 4:37 PM
Yeah, they make the most of that small location.

jason 4:37 PM
The best part of Zak hands down is when you wreak havoc on the airplane.
Glad they're breaking this up.
This was a joy.

Remi 4:39 PM
Yeah, my head was getting fuzzy.
But good show for sure.

And with that, the show was over. All in all, not a bad way to spend the quarantine. Be sure to check Jake's Twitter to find out when the next one of these gets beamed out. In the meantime...