2013: A Review Biggest Bummer and The Year of…

Remember 2003? The year Full Throttle: Hell on Wheels was cancelled, and Gladius was not? Good times, and only ten years ago! Yet here we are, still tied to the machine named “Mojo”, old, bitter, angry at the world... I suppose that isn't too different from 2003.

In a sense, there was just a little bit of irony in seeing LucasArts -- the shutter-downer of things we care about -- get eaten up and spit out by Disney. Did we cackle like they did when they shafted Freelance Police? Actually, apparently we didn't...

Biggest bummer of 2013 :(

1. LEC shutting down
2. Lack of Mojo podcasts
3. Bill Tiller's failed Kickstarter
4. Mojo covering non-LEC+ games
5. Telltale seemingly discontinues sale of older games(?)
6. No King's Quest from Telltale

You voted, and a large majority felt a sadness wash over them when LucasArts was killed by Mickey Mouse. Some of us might ask why anyone would care, but you know… Nostalgia is a bitch, and it is hard to forget that this is the company that gave us everything from Maniac Mansion to the LeChuck's Revenge remake. Respect.

Thumb Jason's second mortgage was not enough to fund Tiller's Kickstarter.
That was, of course, not the only thing that made you sad. Where did the Mojo podcasts go? Well, we know our LucasArts memorial podcast is still in the editing room. Thing is Zaarin has better things to do (like watching TV), and is holding off finishing it until he feels you truly deserve to hear it. Hey, Zaarin's love does not come cheap.

And King's Quest from Telltale? Apparently not something you are too heartbroken over.

So there were tears throughout the year, but do remember: Mojo slaps you because it loves you. Plus, it's not not like there weren't good times. I'm sure you noticed we didn't have a major downtime this year, and that must count for something. Other things happened too…

2013 was the year…

1. … Jake "Mojo" Rodkin embezzled enough money to fund Campo Santo
2. … Jason wrote the headline: “OUYA kidding me”
3. … we saw a never before seen scene from MI1
4. … Behind Mojo re-launched
5. … Mojo FINALLY returned to Double Fine to interview Brad Muir

Thumb Jake embarrassingly forgot to thank Mojo when winning his BAFTA.
Jake rode his way into Telltale on the back of Mojo's good name, took home a BAFTA, and decided to start his own studio. How was it funded? We're not one to point fingers, but those shillings you donated to Idle Thumbs probably went in a… shadier… direction than what you had expected.

Running close behind, Jason's headline of the year, “OUYA kidding me”, was a deserved second, which indicates that 2013 might not have been that exciting of a year after all. I mean, that never before seen scene from Monkey Island? Pretty sweet, but it was only a three second clip.

Behind Mojo? Maybe it shouldn't have taken us three years to get it back up and running again. But whatever. It's there now!