2010: A Review Polls, part 2

Personality of the year

  • 1. Ron Gilbert 55.17%
  • 2. Jesse Harlin 34.48%
  • 3. Tim Schafer 31.03%
  • 4. Jake & Telarium 27.59%
  • 5. Chuck Jordan 24.14%
  • 5. Jared Emerson-Johnson 24.14%
  • 5. Tasha Harris 24.14%
  • 8. Bill Tiller 17.24%
  • 8. Craig Derrick 17.24%
  • 10. DJG 10.34%

Ron Gilbert returned and people loved him for it. DeathSpank might not have been what hardcore adventure gamers wanted, but for those who like silly humor and imaginative worlds, it made for a great comeback.

Jesse Harlin did the impossible by recreating LeChuck's Revenge's music digitally, and nailed the iMuse stuff better than most had expected. (Albeit after some patching.) Surprisingly enough Craig Derrick didn't do nearly as well, even though he was responsible for the special edition of the game. Seriously. There's no way not to credit the man if you enjoyed the game. Very odd voting.

Ex-Mojoers Jake and Telarium got some love alongside Chuck Jordan and Jared Emerson-Johnson for their work on the latest Sam & Max game, the latter probably also for an excellent Nelson Tethers soundtrack.

And only 10% for DJG? For shame!

Favorite game

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  • 1. Sam & Max: The Devil's Playhouse 58.14%
  • 2. Monkey Island 2 LeChuck's Revenge: Special Edition 55.81%
  • 3. DeathSpank (both of 'em) 25.58%
  • 4. Nelson Tethers 16.28%
  • 5. Costume Quest 13.95%
  • 6. Poker Night at the Inventory 6.98%
  • 7. Ghost Pirates of Vooju Island 2.33%

A truly deserved victory for Sam & Max, a game that both managed to capture the spirit of old school adventure gaming while adding a layer of freshness to it. Arguably Telltale's finest moment so far.

Monkey Island 2 LeChuck's Revenge: Special Edition was not fresh, being an updated version of an almost 20 year old game, but as far as updates go, it was obviously something fans approved of. And why not? The graphics looked great and the music and voice acting were excellent. It might not have been entirely perfect, but close enough to make the vast majority of us happy.

Ron Gilbert's new creation, DeathSpank, came in at a respectable third, particularly impressive seeing it just hit the PC. (Which, for whatever reason, seems to be many Mojoers' platform of choice.)

Both Nelson Tethers and Costume Quest were excellent games, let down by some minor flaws, though they still did respectably well.

Rounding out the votes -- STFU 2 and CSI received none -- are Poker Night at the Inventory and Ghost Pirates of Vooju Island, two games that made many of us think of what could have been with a bit more polish.