2010: A Review Polls, part 1

Polls. They're silly, but whatever, it's how we roll. Here is what you thought of 2010:

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2010 was...

  • 1. A GOOD year! 38.1%
  • 2. A GREAT year! 35.71%
  • 3. An EH year... 9.52%
  • 3. A TERRIBLE year... 9.52%
  • 5. An AWESOME year! 4.76%
  • 6. A BAD year... 2.38%

Nearly 80% of the voters thought 2010 was good or better, and really, seeing how we pretty much were carpet bombed by games from every direction, the result was anything but surprising. The 20% who voted otherwise should probably be sent to exile in 2004 and be forced to play RTX for the rest of their lives.

Best active hosted site

  • 1. Tales of MI Blog 46.88%
  • 2. Quick and Easy 25%
  • 3. The Pumpkin Post 12.5%
  • 4. HighLand Productions 6.25%
  • 5. Adventure Developers 3.13%
  • 5. HighLand Productions 3.13%
  • 5. Monkey Island Wiki 3.13%

Tales of Monkey Island fever is, apparently, still ravaging Mojo and why not? While the Tales of MI Blog has diversified its content quite a bit, it's regularly updated which is more than we can say about most of our hosted sites these days.

Quick and Easy, bgbennyboy's collection of hacking tools, made a strong showing at second, with the Bill Tiller fan site, The Pumpkin Post, trailing for third.

We might not have the same amount of crazy sites as we used to, but a handful of sites are still around, and we love them all dearly for it.

Best headline of 2010

  • 1. Grim fan: 'dang good' 26.09%
  • 2. Say STFU to Ewoks 13.04%
  • 2. Sean Vanaman fingered by Idle Thumbs 13.04%
  • 2. Teenage blonde actress gets to pitch MI movie at best possible time, screws it up 13.04%
  • 5. Haden Blackman Unleashed from LucasArts 8.7%
  • 5. Oh Ry In Eye Ay, Ah Ry In Ah Key Ooh Lay 8.7%
  • 5. "You mean we have to pay for this crap?" 8.7%
  • 6. Gary Coleman, purveyor of undrinkable lemonade and fine cannons, is no more
  • 6. Ron Gilbert wants to spank you to death again

jp-30 takes back the title of "Best Headline Writer," after Kroms infamous "Ten year olds for sale, $10 each" '09 win.

Most wanted for 2011

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  • 1. Monkey Island 6 57.14%
  • 2. Ron Gilbert/Tim Schafer releasing a game all over our faces 54.76%
  • 3. MojoX to be finished 28.57%
  • 4. Jurassic Park 23.81%
  • 5. Another Sam & Max season 11.9%
  • 5. More Mojo reference humor 11.9%
  • 6. DJG 7.14%
  • 7. STFU 3 0%

It wouldn't have mattered if Monkey Island 6, Monkey Island 7, Monkey Island 8, Monkey Island 9, and Monkey Island 10 had been released in 2010, Monkey Island 11 would still have topped this list. Regardless, the more realistic wish of a Ronzo/Schafes game gathered almost as many votes. Now how about a Ronzo/Schafes Monkey Island game? Surely that would make Mojo implode.

Speaking of Mojo and imploding, MojoX is getting there! Slowly but surely. I mean, look, we even have features... er... a feature now. It's magical.

STFU 3 apparently wasn't high on anyone's list. Although imagine a game where you could kill Luke Skywalker and Leia... Really, the odds are that would be what LEC would do next.

Biggest bummer of 2010

  • 1. Darrell Rodriguez leaves LEC just as we were making up 54.84%
  • 2. LEC firing pretty much everyone other than the janitor 22.58%
  • 3. No CMI:SE for Bill Tiller 6.45%
  • 3. Double Fine not releasing games for the PC 6.45%
  • 5. TTG not releasing games for YOUR platform 3.23%
  • 5. People nit-picking MI2:SE to death 3.23%
  • 5. DJG 3.23%

Yeah, LucasArts is, once again, topping this list. I mean, no surprise there. Some suggested that if D-Rod had stayed the layoffs wouldn't have happened, though that's wishful thinking at best. That D-Rod left because of the looming staff slashing seems a whole lot more probable. Regardless. It all sucks.