Batman: The Enemy Within What Ails You?

I don’t know if there’s a lot more to say about this season of Batman until we reach the end with the next episode. This episode is about as entertaining as the last few, and if you liked those, you’ll like this.

Thumb Black. White. And nothing in-between.

A few items worth noting, though:

The Badalamenti-esque score is put to eleven this time around, and I’m increasingly thinking this is my favorite soundtrack from Jared.

I don’t get why any bolded words in the subtitles are represented with *asterisks*. Why not just bold the word? Or is this the detached, millennial way of writing?

The title typography is quite striking though.

Bruce’s leather jacket looks like the same model of G.O.B.’s in Arrested Development.

The choices this time around seem to be a bit more black and white than the previous episodes, which is unfortunate. "Do you want to save Person A or Person B?" isn’t that compelling when the outcome is pretty much the same.

That’s about it, really. Like I said, if you have liked the game so far, you’ll enjoy this episode, too. And unless Telltale really mucks it up in the end, I have a good feeling this season of Batman will go down as one of the company’s better games.