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Batman: The Enemy Within: The Pact

06 Oct, 2017

Well, what do you know. I was wondering if the last episode was a fluke, but here we are, and Telltale delivers a second good entry in this second Batman season with "The Pact."

One of the last season's downfalls -- and there were plenty -- was the re-imagination of central characters, which pretty consistently fell flat. Let's not even talk about Cobblepot. Or let's: What a disaster that was.

Thumb Harley, in charge. Voice acting is great, too.

This time around, changes in characters are more subtle, yet noticeable enough to be interesting. Bane, for example, is certainly similar to the original source material, but key-scenes like the ever-present "I will break you!" is delivered just slightly differently from what we have seen before. This time around, it works.

The biggest change in the episode is the relationship between Joker and Harley Quinn. In what is a complete 180, Harley is the one in charge, with Joker being the doting, manipulated follower. It's a surprising twist, and one that really works for me. Both characters are still demented, but the twist in the trope adds another dimension to the story.

And again, as with the last episode (and any game from Telltale, really), the music is excellent. It's different from any other Batman score I can remember having heard, and has a Badalamenti feel to it.

It bears repeating, though: the engine is starting to feel really dated. Compared to most games of its ilk, animations and facial expressions are stiff, and details are shoehorned into an engine that cannot support the artistic ambitions.

Either way, the game is still enjoyable. The story is pacing forward at the right speed, and the quick-time sequences are pulse-pounding. The game is increasingly reminding me of The Wolf Among Us, and there is nothing wrong with that.

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