Your console's gonna get Deathspank'd 04 Mar, 2010, 18:08 / 5 comments

EA Partners today announced that they will be publishing Ron Gilbert's new downloadable game DeathSpank, for PSN and XBLA. Kotaku has the details and two new screenshots.

Before anyone gets in a flurry over the lack of a PC version, however, please note that this does not mean the game will be console-exclusive. Ron Gilbert has stated, in the past, that the game is also coming to Mac. You PC lovers still have a chance.

Special thanks to Clone2727 for the tip-off on the forums.

Update by Jason: Gamasutra's write-up includes a response from EA regarding a PC version:
Asked about potential PC plans for DeathSpank, a game drawing from genres with strong PC heritage, an EA representative declined to comment conclusively, but told Gamasutra, "EA and Hothead want as many people as possible to experience DeathSpank," and advised gamers "not to read too much into the [announced] SKUs just yet."]
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  • Maratanos on 05 Mar, 2010, 20:46…
    I'd freak out a whole lot less over the lack of an announced PC release if this weren't exactly the same way that the story of how Brutal Legend ended up being console-only began. Like, EXACTLY. Same company, same response to inquiry exactly.
  • Udvarnoky on 06 Mar, 2010, 04:17…
    Brutal Legend was never associated with a PC release outside of the vocalized assumptions and hopes of folks like us. A PC version of DeathSpank, on the other hand, was actually referred to by its creator throughout its development. Scroll down to a comment from Ron about the game's PC vs. console controls here, for instance.
  • Kroms on 05 Mar, 2010, 21:40…
    I've been looking into it. While I can't offer-up concrete proof, I *can* say that the likelihood of a PC version is very high. I'd peg Mac and Linux at "high".
  • Kroms on 06 Mar, 2010, 08:19…
    (I'm referring to Deathspank, by the way.)
  • Giygas on 04 Mar, 2010, 20:15…
    My console didn't get Deathspanked. ;-;