You guys funded a Bill Tiller adventure game! 05 Oct, 2014 / 3 comments

Update by Jennifer: The campaign is also now accepting Paypal donations for the digital tiers (you'll find the Paypal links at the bottom of the main page). So, if you wait for that option before backing a crowdfunding campaign, and if you want to play a campaign with an awesome art design by Bill Tiller and a game design by Dave Grossman, Bill Tiller, and Gene Mocsy, then you can now be a backer as well.

Oh, and my rendition of the pirate song is on its way. Since I actually made that promise myself, I'll try to get it done soonish. :)

Original post:

There's a first time for everything.

Duke Grabowski up and got itself funded by the skin of its teeth, and there was much rejoicing. Don't forget that although the minimum amount has been reached, you can still pledge money to the project so that it can hit some of its stretch goals. One of them is "new swashbuckling music," which I'm taking to mean that Pedro Macedo Camacho will compose new stuff as opposed to his Ghost Pirates tracks being recycled.

As for me, I apparently owe you guys some sort of re-creation of the wedding scene from Monkey Island 1? At least, that's what Remi seems to have effeminately (and unilaterally) obligated me to, and I'm nothing if not a man of Remi's word. So while I'm not putting a clock on it, stay tuned for a deranged grotesquerie of some sort.

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    AlfredJ on 06 Oct, 2014, 18:31…
    Eagerly awaiting those videos. Depending on your performances, I might throw a couple of dollars their way. Don't mess this up.
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    elTee on 06 Oct, 2014, 17:52…
    I have received an email from accounting. Remi, I need to speak to you urgently
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    Remi on 06 Oct, 2014, 06:10…
    I'm not going to take ALL the credit for the game getting funded, but then, I kinda am.

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