Yarrrr! Yarrrrrrrrr! 18 Sep, 2009, 22:58 / 4 comments


Ahoy, me hearties! 'Tis Talk Like a Pirate Day! Spew some filth! Wash me deck, ya scallywags! Get in line ya dirt doilin' dirty dippers! But lest ye forget: I'll keelhaul any man who dares pirate games without holding its makers captive!

Poke yer eyes for patches and cut yer hands for hooks! It's a day to celebrate yer infamy! YARRRRR!

Update: Free booty! YAHAHARRRR!


  • The Tingler on 19 Sep, 2009, 08:17…
    Arr, wenches, etc
  • Icebox on 19 Sep, 2009, 03:10…
    Ahar. It be a blessed bounty 'pon us all.
  • Icebox on 19 Sep, 2009, 03:12…
    It seems in me ragged haste I didn't be spyin' the post o' the landlubber below. Keelhaul me if it be happenin' again.
  • AlfredJ on 18 Sep, 2009, 23:30…
    Yarrr, it be a magical day for all!!