World of MI turns 7! 21 Oct, 2004, 00:22 / 4 comments

How do you know you've been at this too long? When sites in your network that actually bother to keep track of their age announce that today is their seventh birthday!

On that note, happy seventh birthday to World of Monkey Island! To celebrate this huge amount of years being online and active, they've posted five new pages to Paco Vink's Monkey Island 1 comic. Go check it out and wish them well at World of MI!


  • ZeroXcape on 25 Oct, 2004, 16:56…
    First, World of MI still kicks ass. Congrats.

    Second, bring back Mojo Orange.

    Third, does anyone use the domain?

    Last, Grim Fandango Network was founded on 7/15/98 (we're catching up!) Props to Met/Thrik/etc for keeping it going for so long
  • Dalixam on 22 Oct, 2004, 05:54…
    Thanks for the update :)
  • Jake on 21 Oct, 2004, 00:24…
    According to's whois info we'll turn 7 on April 30th, 2005, but I think the site is a tad older than that, especially if you cound Spaff's Monkey Island Site on GeoCities (which nobody counts :). You know, because somebody cared (spaff might care)?
  • Metallus on 22 Oct, 2004, 12:08…
    Yeah but, man. So totally counted.