Wondrous adventures in the third demension 12 Sep, 2005, 18:42 / 1 comment

Oh yeah, stuff is probably coming soon. Besides, it?s Autumn now. Stuff always comes in Autumn.

But in the mean-time: Kaz-zow! It?s some sort of wacky Unreal Tournament 2004 Plunder Island moddy thing! Don?t get too excited, though; you can?t actually play the dam thing yet. But you can look at the screenshots. And they?re very pretty. And Goblin is the team leader dude and he?s also the guy behind Blood Island 3D so you can be sure that the project is in safe hands. Keep your eyes peeled on for more loveable shenanigans over the next few months!

I love snickers


  • drunkymonkey on 13 Sep, 2005, 20:48…
    I can't bloody wait, this is a (wet) dream come true!