We review Full Throttle Remastered 23 Apr, 2017 / 6 comments

Zaarin downright promised he world do it. Then he promised to fix our admin section so we could have a header image for the review.

But what the hell, we just went ahead and reviewed it all the same.

Read! And give Zaarin a ¬¬ look.

Update! Zaarin fixed it, so you can stop shaming him. :D



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    manny_c44 on 25 Apr, 2017, 04:07…
    Man still haven't gone all they way through grim or dott with the commentaries, I am way behind.
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    valkian on 24 Apr, 2017, 19:01…
    Hey, good people of Mojo. Since the forum is dead and been recently hooked by Discord, I made a mojo Discord server, for anyone who is into that:
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    Rum_Rogers on 24 Apr, 2017, 12:51…
    Wow, I finally managed to come back again.
    The "lost password" form isn't doing anything, guys.
    Had to re-register (with the same mail :\)
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    ThunderPeel2001 on 24 Apr, 2017, 12:35…
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    bgbennyboy on 23 Apr, 2017, 23:08…
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    AlfredJ on 23 Apr, 2017, 22:08…

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