We continue #MonkeyIslandMonday with #ReturnToMonkeyIsland music, #omg 03 Oct, 2022 / 1 comment

While waiting for an official soundtrack to drop—and the wait could be a long one—we decided to take matters into our own hands and release each and every track from Return to Monkey Island ourselves. That’s four hours of music, spanning more than hundred-and-forty files. You can download the OGGs or listen to the whole shebang on YouTube...

.... granted, completely without chapters/track indicators. We’ll leave it to the semi-professionals to do proper remixes of all of this. Need an example? Check out this twenty-minute mix our in-house DJ made of “LeShip,” arguably the best suite in the game.

Now, see if you can live up to that.


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    LGH on 04 Oct, 2022, 11:02…
    Great, thanks!

    But I‘ll only download it once I‘ve completed the game, since I want to hear the music there first.

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