Want to buy a new Monkey Island off a shelf in a game store like in the good ol' days? 13 Jan, 2011 / 4 comments

Rejoice fellow brick-and-mortar gaming emporium browsers! Barely a year and a half after Tales of Monkey Island was released on that new-fangled accursed web-net thing, publisher Lace Mamba Global have announced that they're bringing the entire game to shop shelves everywhere!

To prove it they and Telltale have released a really snazzy trailer for the series. The first thing you might notice is that Earl Boen is playing LeChuck in Episode 1, which Telltale (I believe) still haven't patched into the online PC version.

TMI will be in your local game store (actually, do those even still exist?) on 25th March, although only on PC and only in Europe. A proper full-graphics Wii release would be most welcome, guys. Still, that's all five Monkey Islands now available in shops at last! Okay, not all at the same time. If they were though, that would be the best game shop in the world.


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    Huz on 21 Jan, 2011, 21:45…
    That is a pretty awesome UK cover, but surely they could do without the '2009 Game of the Year Winner' sticker? It's 2011, who wants the game of the year from 2009 apart from people who would buy it anyway?

    I stroked the boxed German release a couple of months ago and it's really, really nice. Embossed artwork and everything! Looks especially brilliant next to the horrible excuses for adventure games it shares shelf space with over there.
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    haydenwce27 on 14 Jan, 2011, 04:00…
    ...And check out the incredible new artwork for the UK cover! Artwork by Ryan Jones, design by Stephen Whetstine, based off of a concept by Steve Purcell.
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    Sabre on 13 Jan, 2011, 11:55…
    Its just the series recap trailer they used for episode 5, with a different release date stuck on the end. Nothing special there.
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    naxa on 13 Jan, 2011, 08:25…
    Thanks, Heavens.

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