Want a Monkey Island statue? How about Day of the Tentacle? 05 Feb, 2009, 21:03 / 7 comments

Dear LucasArts,

Every so often in life you see that special someone that you think is the one. Maybe you noticed that special girl or boy at your school and always wanted to ask them out, but thought you just were not cool enough. Symbiote Studios is taking the chance and asking you at LucasArts to give us a try. We made one great statue for Sam and Max and now we would like to make one for The Curse of Monkey Island and Maniac Mansion.

I think if you guys and gals at LucasArts gave us a shot we could make magic. No other company will treat you like we would. Sure Hasbro might have money and Sideshow might have attractive sales reps, but none of them know more about you than us. We grew up playing your games. We spent hours trying to finish Maniac Mansion only to have our disk corrupt on the last part.

So if you are out there and you get this request please give us a shot!


All of us at Symbiote Studios
They also ask if fans would email LucasArts about it. I'd tell you to go ahead, but apparently Symbiote Studios's crush is now old and ugly and lives in the dark ages, because after half an hour of searching I can't find their email address. If you're going to have to talk to them, you're going to have to send a regular letter.

Unless someone in the comments knows how to email them, that is.


  • Bad Asp! on 06 Feb, 2009, 18:24…
    How about
  • Icebox on 06 Feb, 2009, 02:26…
    Every Goddamn Time, Lucasarts!
    They'll be first up against the wall when the revolution comes...
    I NEED a Hoagie for my shelf.
  • clone2727 on 05 Feb, 2009, 22:50…
    There's an e-mail listed on one of their about pages. Not sure if it would work, though.
  • Kroms on 06 Feb, 2009, 00:02…
    Thanks for that...But I don't think it will :(
  • neon_git on 05 Feb, 2009, 21:32…
    If this screams lack of professionalism to me (which it does), how do you think the suits at LucasArts will take it?

    This is not how you approach a potential business partner.
  • Jake on 06 Feb, 2009, 18:54…
    Yeah Symbiote Studios does seem cool, and their Sam & Max statue is really nice, but this seems a bit Kierdorfian.
  • neon_git on 06 Feb, 2009, 22:11…
    Oh man, I haven't thought about that guy in ages. I miss him in a funny sort of way.