Wally Wingert Interview 06 Jul, 2002, 20:28 / 3 comments

The Brim Stone Beach Club has interviewed Wally Wingert, known around here as the voice of Herman Toothrot in EMI. Mr. Wingert talks about recording EMI, his other voiceover work at LEC and more.

Also revealed in the interview is the fact that Dustin Diamond (the voice of Screech in Saved by the Bell) is a Monkey Island fan. Neat!


  • StewMc on 07 Jul, 2002, 17:31…
    The voice of Screech? You mean his voice was dubbed over with Dustin Diamond and some other guy played him?? :)
  • twifkak on 08 Jul, 2002, 06:06…
    Yup. Screech was actually played by Michael Jackson and a lot of makeup. Principal Belding was actually played by the actor who played Mr. Belvedere and a lot of visual effects.
  • mymipage on 07 Jul, 2002, 15:34…
    Thanks for the news post :)