Unlimited Hyperbole talks LucasArts and cancelled games with Brian Moriarty 27 Mar, 2013 / 3 comments

Joe Martin, who last August wrote an excellent retrospective on Habitat, has posted a new episode of his podcast Unlimited Hyperbole. In this instalment, he interviews Brian Moriarty, creator of Loom and an early version of The Dig.

If you're interested in his games and cancelled LucasArts titles, give it a listen!


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    Jason on 03 Apr, 2013, 17:28…
    And also, we finally got a tiny bit of intel on the infamous Young Indy game alluded to by the end credits of Fate of Atlantis! Brian says it was cancelled because the show was. Allegedly it was also just not coming together well. I guess in the timeline that would have been before the Iron Phoenix was conceived as FOA's follow-up?
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    Jason on 03 Apr, 2013, 17:25…
    The story of what became of the Loom sequels gets clearer and clearer with every interview. It was always difficult for me to reconcile Brian's claims that he never really began work on Loom 2 with the claims that Mike Stemmle (and others) were at one point associated with the project. Now it makes sense.
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    Gov. Phatt on 27 Mar, 2013, 13:36…
    At what capacity does LucasArts even exist any more?

    Their website has been essentially abandoned.

    Their only presence on Facebook is a 1313 page that hasn't been updated since September.

    Does this company even exist any more?

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