Ubisoft developing Revenge of the Sith games for handhelds 28 Oct, 2004, 17:15 / 4 comments

In a press release sent out today it was revealed that Ubisoft has signed a licensing deal with LucasArts to develop games based on the Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith movie. The title will be available on the Sony's PSP, Nintendo DS, and Game Boy Advance - and will launch in conjunction with the movie in Spring 2005.
"Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith will be the video game that every handheld gaming fan on the planet will enjoy playing - including those of the epic Star Wars series," said Alain Corre, Ubisoft's managing director for Europe, Middle East and Asia. "This ultimate Jedi action game will astound gamers using the new handheld technology from Sony's PSP and the Nintendo DS. As always, it's a pleasure to pursue our partnership with LucasArts, particularly with such a hot license."

Source: Company News Group



  • Guyfrench Threepwood on 30 Oct, 2004, 20:39…
    Ooh I'm dazzled...not.
  • Bobo Donkey? on 29 Oct, 2004, 04:39…
  • monkeyboobs on 28 Oct, 2004, 19:39…
    omg! i'm totally excited! that's what i was waiting for my hole life - and i still do... ^^
  • Udvarnoky on 28 Oct, 2004, 17:18…