Two Can Play That Game 19 Dec, 2002, 04:43 / 2 comments

The Guardian online is running an article entitled "Two can play that game" Talking about the ever popular Hollywood and how much closer they work with games developers these days. The article discusses the theory of a good game-of-a-film and focuses on the achievments of the games and films of Lord of the Rings, Spiderman and(this is where it becomes relevant) Star Wars.
The Game of the Film hasn't always been well received, but Hollywood is rapidly learning that the game-playing public has high standards. [snip]

According to Simon Jeffery, president of computer game house Lucas Arts, the processes of game making and film making have become tightly intertwined: "When George is putting a script together he works with us to see what sequences will make good games."
The article goes on to talk about how LucasArts use ILM and Skywalker sound for their games, And we get some more lovely Simon quotes about both Indiana Jones and the Emperor's Tomb, and Bounty Hunter

The article also quotes my boss, Mr Algy Williams of Babel Media, so you can look forward to that also! :)


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    oopps wrong url for a second ther ei linked it to bad boys 2 trailer.. hahaha
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