Tweets on LEC's demise from people that matter 03 Apr, 2013 / 2 comments

Well, you know they'll be coming all day. Figure we can collect the good ones as they are tweeted in one news post. Refresh furiously, we'll be adding more:

Ron Gilbert

Sad day today, but not surprising, you had to see that coming. I was employee #9 at Lucasfilm Games.

Craig Derrick

Look like I picked the wrong week to quit sniffing glue.

Dave Grossman

Aw. Sad, but not unexpected. LEC is survived by countless children and grandchildren in the industry. Good things were done.

Kris Brown

Yes of course I'm heartbroken. I wanted the Phoenix. So many great people, even after us. Thinking of my family there with love.

Chuck Jordan, responding to cynicism

glad you said it. I’ve been feeling like a traitor for not being as upset as others in my twitter & Facebook feeds.

David Fox

Yes sad. We still have our memories, eh?

Dominic Armato

Disney shuttering LucasArts is a tragic end to an era. This is so sad on so many levels.

Jake Rodkin


Harrison G. Pink (Telltale designer)

This one really hurts. It's like losing a childhood friend. I hope everyone affected lands on their feet.

Tim Schafer

LucasArts promotional video from (I think) 1993

Andrew Langley

I always took a little comfort in knowing the little gold guy was still out there...

Gary Whitta

RIP LucasArts. What a tragedy. We lost one of the all-time greats today. Not even new Star Wars movies are worth this.

Telltale, always eying an opportunity

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    daltysmilth on 04 Apr, 2013, 04:34…
    It seems to me like throwing the baby out with the bath water. Sure, most of Lucasarts' output pretty much since the prequels started production has been based around Star Wars, and of the Star Wars games, very few of them were even developed in-house at Lucasarts after the late 90's, so pretty much any company could make a Star Wars game. But Disney seems to be continuing the revisionist history that Star Wars games were the only thing Lucasarts ever produced, or at least the only thing they were ever known for, when anyone familiar with the history of the company knows that at the beginning, the company had to BEG George Lucas to let them do anything with Star Wars. And that up until the mid-90's, Lucasarts was arguably known more for their graphic adventures than their Star Wars games, or at least those represented more of their output than Star Wars.

    That gets around to the thing that makes me saddest. While I have little doubt we'll see more Star Wars games in the future, licenses like Monkey Island or Maniac Mansion are pretty much guaranteed to a fate worse than death. That of a license owned by a studio that has no intention of developing it, but doesn't want anyone else to make money on it either, so they sit on it until only the most die-hard of fans even remember it.

    Another concern I have is the new Disney Infinity thing, and how Star Wars will relate to it. Now, just by itself, Disney Infinity sounds like a neat idea. But from what I've heard about it, it sounds like Disney's plan is to have Disney Infinity pretty much supplant their entire interactive output. (With the possible exception of the Kingdom Hearts series, since they're more of a Square/Enix product.) This concerns me because the whole thing seems like it would severely limit the types of games you could make. And especially since the characters have to fit within the specific art style of the original. My concern about Star Wars in relation to this platform is that any further Star Wars games might lack the style, maturity, and depth that have defined the best games within the license. Specifically that we might never see Battlefront III, more Bioware Star Wars games, and that we might never see The Force Unleashed III, at least not in video game form.
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    Melancholick on 03 Apr, 2013, 21:50…
    It is like losing a childhood friend, albeit one who never really got over that whole "growing up" thing and who's spent the last ten years calling you at 2AM with "investment opportunities" and drunken recollections about that night you stayed up until daybreak supping rootbeer and playing Mario Kart in seventh grade.

    Sad, but... at this point, how else COULD it end?

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