Trivia Friday: The Sequel—The EGA Version 21 Jun, 2024 / 2 comments

It’s quiet days, so we might as well toss an old-school trivia nugget your way. This time, a perennial elTee favorite.

Mark Ferrari, what a pro.



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    DFKestrelPi on 24 Jun, 2024, 16:51…
    I know some people absolutely love the EGA originals, and I do wish the VGA version had this sunset. But I still struggle with it. I think it's because colour aesthetics are pretty important for me and for all the impressive pixel work these EGA originals had, I find it hard to get past everyone looking like the day after they accidentally put mayonnaise on instead of suncream.
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    ThunderPeel2001 on 22 Jun, 2024, 13:30…
    What's interesting is that they took the time to add this... (cutting old Spiffy the dog's closeup). And then equally decided to cut it from all future versions. So interesting.

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