Time for the #MI Christmas Survey! 17 Dec, 2002, 07:58 / 8 comments

Around this time every year, someone in the #monkey-island chat room (now located on puts together a little survey asking about the funniest moment in the chat room, who the most annoying member is, and many other weird questions. The results of the survey are often amusing and a great way to waste time when you should be doing something more productive.

If you're a current or former regular of #monkey-island, be sure to stop by and fill out the survey at this location.


  • EnyGmaTiK on 18 Dec, 2002, 13:18…
    ask for warez? u must have logs... show me the part where i asked for warez ... ops guess u don't have it... :| sorry for my intencion of asking for 1 file... i guess with that i'am an hack0r l33ch3r war3z l33t btw huz... i would complain if i was not banned just to say 'Hi'.. whatever
  • Remi O on 18 Dec, 2002, 13:34…
    If you have problems with the game you can contact LucasArts support about it. It's not that difficult.
  • EnyGmaTiK on 18 Dec, 2002, 14:09…
    for just 1 file... i would give so much trouble? why don't go to a fan's #? m8 forget ... sorry to bother. peace
  • EnyGmaTiK on 18 Dec, 2002, 11:52…
    filled of stupid ppl... i went there
    i asked if anyone had the mi 1 & 2 [cd version] because my cd is scratched so i need a file... they banned me.. before explaining myself go go lammers
    bunch of kids ffs
  • Gabez on 18 Dec, 2002, 12:30…
    Don't you just hate kids?
  • Emma on 18 Dec, 2002, 12:27…
    Kids. Yes. I'll be sure to tell my boss that I'm a kid tomorrow.

    Rule one of going to a fan based chat? Don't ask for warez. That's common sense.

    Take care

  • Remi O on 18 Dec, 2002, 12:25…
    Damn those lammers.
  • Huz on 18 Dec, 2002, 13:18…
    The world is filled of them.

    Anyway, if someone bans you from #m-i, just complain about them in public! Oh, wait, you're doing that already.