This is the second worst ranking listicle I've ever seen 24 Jul, 2020 / 8 comments

It's a listicle ranking. It's someones opinion. Have at it, or just live and let live...


Source: Cultured Vultures



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    St_Eddie on 28 Jul, 2020, 07:04…
    Also, placing The Walking Dead: Season 1 at number 3, ahead of Grim Fandango, The Fate of Atlantis and Day of the Tentacle is as stupid as stupid gets.

    In fact that entire list can get in grave as far as I'm concerned. Get in grave, list.
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    St_Eddie on 28 Jul, 2020, 06:59…
    Half of those titled had me nodding my head in agreement (though rarely at their placement, ranking wise) and the other half had me shouting obsenities at the screen. Five Nights at Freddy's 2 shouldn't even be on a list of adventure games, much less a list of the top 20.
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    ThunderPeel2001 on 26 Jul, 2020, 14:17…
    Some great games on this list. Totally wonky order, though.
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    OzzieMonkey on 26 Jul, 2020, 05:17…
    How are Five Nights At Freddy's 2 and Paper's please Point and Click adventures? Also The Walking Dead better than Grim Fandango? No way
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    Scummbuddy on 26 Jul, 2020, 03:18…

    A mysterious phone call sets off the events of Sam & Max Hit the Road...

    A phone call from the commissioner is "mysterious"?
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    AlfredJ on 25 Jul, 2020, 15:50…
    I did enjoy Broken Sword back in the day, but how could it beat all those other titles? This is an outrage. An outrage!
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    Kroms on 25 Jul, 2020, 15:20…
    Ouf, what what was the actual worst list? Because this is terrible.
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    Rum_Rogers on 25 Jul, 2020, 12:55…
    Sure, Grim Fandango worse than Machinarium. I wish it was written on printed paper so I could at least use it as toilet paper replacement in the most difficult times.

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