Things that almost happened: Monkey Island for Nintendo DS 24 Sep, 2022 / 2 comments

Chris Baker, who worked as a studio publicist for LucasArts in the mid-2000s, shared an interesting memory with Craig Derrick on Twitter today...

It’s a shame. The game would have been a beautiful fit on that handheld. Alas, in 2006 LucasArts had other priorities, such as Thrillville and hating you. But hey, with Return to Monkey Island being a bona fide instant classic and all, we live in a more optimistic time where no-brainer ports are concerned.

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    LuigiHann on 25 Sep, 2022, 00:27…
    Really interesting! This could have been very cool... probably. There were some very good adventure games on the DS, but also some very bad ports. Given how well ScummVM ran on the DS, I think they could have done it well.
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    jolly_old_saint on 24 Sep, 2022, 15:56…
    There are homebrew versions of scummvm for pretty much every console since (and including) the DS. So if you're pirate enough, it can be done!

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