The secrets of the CMI demo finally declassified 15 Nov, 2023 / 1 comment

Longtime fan site The Legend of Monkey Island is still busting out jams. To celebrate the 26th anniversary of The Curse of Monkey Island, they’ve published an ambitious new article detailing the differences between the game’s demo and the shipped final product. There are even some fresh quotes from Bill Tiller to give it that extra prestige. Read it and remind yourself that great Monkey Island content isn’t exclusively hosted on or by Mojo. Even though it's basically a rounding error.



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    Thrik on 16 Nov, 2023, 21:52…
    Very good. The demo differences are one of those things that be always even known about but I’ve never seen it so well and comprehensively presented.

    Quite cool that the cannon music was originally a dramatic version of the Crying Wally music, which is to date one of my favourite Monkey Island pieces ever.

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