The magic never ends 18 Feb, 2008, 23:00 / 2 comments

There's a really interesting video over at EuroGamer, showing a trip to LucasArts and Skywalker Ranch, including interviews with employees and sneaky glimpses into the buildings themselves. Of the Star Wars games, we learn that Force Unleashed will contain plot revelations that will affect the Star Wars films (especially Episode IV), will also involve Princess Leia as a character, and that there will be a game based on the clone wars TV show, which made a grown man cry as well as swear. As for Indiana Jones: the story will be completely separate, but there will be a few nods and fore-shadowing between the (still untitled!) "2008 game" and the film.

There's a glimpse of all the LucasArts game boxes inside the ranch, alongside Indiana Jones and Star Wars props, including the Holy Grail, the original whip and some lightsabers. For more ranch snooping, take a gander at the time when we visited back in 2001. The memories last forever!!

Thanks to "That guy who used to make make a lot of MIDIs and stuff" for the news.

And in other Eurogamer Indy news, they've just released this little tidbit about Lego Indy. Four-player Co-op!!


  • elTee on 19 Feb, 2008, 02:34…
    Heh, they used my scan of the Secret of Monkey Island box-art. I demand a credit!
  • The Tingler on 19 Feb, 2008, 00:53…
    Y'know, if I hear the words 'kicking ass with the Force' one more time, I swear I'll hunt down that smug git and kick HIS ass.

    I really don't know what's going on with Indy 2008, but clearly something went BADLY wrong along the way. I'm still taking bets on a KOCS game using the engine coming out first...

    That was a very entertaining video though. Yoda was great. I just wish we'd done it... (sniff)