The forums respond to treatment, cheat death again 22 Apr, 2023 / 2 comments

In the end, it was fifteen days of downtime for the forums, which you’d think this community could weather standing on their heads after we’d let them rot for several years. But movingly enough, some of you genuinely seemed to miss what you didn’t have, as evidenced by your concerned messages and bricks thrown through the windows of zaarin’s home.

All of which is to say the boards are repaired, or anyway on a failure hiatus. So make with the Mojole crowing and Dial of Destiny trailer commentary like the last two weeks were just a bad dream. And have a thought for zaarin, who had to brave unspeakable depths of silliness to get the jalopy coughing out its signature blue smoke once again.

Source: The Forums :D



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    Huz on 22 Apr, 2023, 22:44…
    All hail King Zaarin. Well, go on. Hail.
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    ThunderPeel2001 on 22 Apr, 2023, 21:21…
    Current Forum State: Reanimated

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