The first part of Return to Monkey Island is entirely unlike the web 11 Jul, 2022 / 7 comments

Put your nostalgia boots on and check out the “Part I” screen of Return to Monkey Island:

“A Friendly Place” -- we can only assume that is Melee Island, and that the title might be a misnomer with the new guard taking over. Who knows, but for now: Gotta love the re-imagined music.



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    Thrik on 13 Jul, 2022, 09:46…
    Gorgeous. Sounds so luscious with the steel drums and bassoon.
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    Jake on 13 Jul, 2022, 03:46…
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    AlfredJ on 12 Jul, 2022, 17:41…
    Why am I not playing this right now???
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    ThunderPeel2001 on 12 Jul, 2022, 17:07…
    Surely everyone must love this
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    LaFoot on 12 Jul, 2022, 05:52…
    Music sounds like the EMI style
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    OzzieMonkey on 12 Jul, 2022, 00:34…
    That dramatic zoom at the beginning is fantastic! Seriously, the production values on this game are so good.
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    Rum Rogers on 11 Jul, 2022, 15:19…
    Eargasm already

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