The anchor is a LIE 09 Nov, 2022 / 3 comments

Xbox Wire—apparently an official Xbox publication—coaxed Dave Grossman into writing what looks suspiciously like a Buzzfeed article: “Eight Things You Should Know Before Playing Return to Monkey Island.” And, if you, like me, had prepared to drop some hardcore anchor facts during your next cocktail party, well . . .

Also, in case you don’t forget them, I want to be sure you understand that the “facts” are made up. The character in question is not a deliberate liar, but she is a confident person who is not very good at doing research. Please do not use Return to Monkey Island as a factual source for your Wikipedia article about anchors. It’s probably best not to use the game as a factual source, period.

. . . I apparently have a lot of opinions I have to reconsider.



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    LGH on 10 Nov, 2022, 05:18…
    The part with the wooden anchors seemed quite unlikely, but I could have believed the stuff with them not being 100% symmetric ;-)
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    Glo_kidd on 10 Nov, 2022, 00:06…
    Hehe :) Ron dropped this bombshell on me when he joined me to stream the beginning of RtMI. I was complimenting the dialog and thanking him for the fascinating info when he said Dave made them all up ;-p I asked Dave on twitter after and he confirmed that even the reeeeealy close ones he looked up to make sure he didn't stumble on a true fact :)

    I also made this meme lol
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    ThunderPeel2001 on 09 Nov, 2022, 23:02…
    I feel cheated!

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