The Voodoo Lady Planet Hollywood-ed herself out of business; Wally speaks 15 Aug, 2022 / 0 comments

First of all: Do not watch the video if you’re allergic to spoilers. They’re minor, but they’re there. In fact, stop reading if you want to play the game with fresh eyes, as I have some ramblings below the video.



  • First, the dialogue is fantastic. Stylistically, right out of the first two games. You can fight me if you disagree.
  • The music features some suitable cues from The Secret of Monkey Island’s Mêlée Island map theme.
  • The Voodoo Lady proves that themed chains are a dangerous business. (Blink, and you’ll miss it.)
  • Still ten-o-clock.
  • Wally sounds notably older. “Ah I see Wally now has a third voice by the same voice actor” -Thrik.
  • Wally’s last name is, of course, Feed. Wally B. Feed.

There, just some observations of a fifty-second video that concludes today’s editorializing.


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