The Thrillville Quarterly issue 2 is out! 11 Sep, 2012 / 4 comments

Valkian has finally finished the second issue of The Thrillville Quarterly! I'll let him describe the new issue himself:


That magnificent cover illustration [pictured below] was made by Jón Kristinsson, who makes some wonderful adventure game tributes. Among the many great articles featured, we have this interview with Dave Grossman, an article by Gabez on imagination and Escape From Monkey Island, one by elTee on the Double Fine Adventure and a short story by Haggis, among some other things.

Now go read!

Source: The Thrillville Quarterly



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    valkian on 22 Sep, 2012, 17:10…
    Thank you! I'm glad you guys enjoy it.
    I'd like to have e-book versions, the problem is that I don't own an e-reader, so I would have no means of knowing if it looks good, is working right, etc. What is the problem with PDF files?
    I just saw that there is a Kindle plugin for Adobe InDesign (what I use to make the PDF file), so I can try exporting it there. Yet I'm not sure if the three column design will work or be readable on the Kindle. I'm interested in this, though, feel free to drop me an email (there is one on the contact section of the site).
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    TestType on 22 Sep, 2012, 13:36…
    Very nice! Just wish there was an e-reader (kindle) edition so I could read this on there. Yes it can technically read PDF put that's really not ideal on an e-reader.
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    GozzoMan on 20 Sep, 2012, 09:41…
    Eh eh eh, I really enjoyed The Adventures of
    Ronald and Timothy
    Waiting for the next episode!
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    valkian on 12 Sep, 2012, 01:38…
    Fancy that, I've been quoted on Mojo. That's going to my resume.
    Thanks for the plug!

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