The Other Fan Art Gallery 26 Mar, 2002, 21:00 / 3 comments

Interested in more fan art after last night's look at the MIAC? Well fear not, as there is a second big gallery lurking about on the Web: Mojo Art.

Though it shares a name, url, and color scheme with our Mixnmojo, MojoArt is an entirely different beast. Started by JBRAA during our 4 month downtime (remember that?) originally as a art page, it has since branched off to instead cover LucasArts games.


  • JBRAA on 26 Mar, 2002, 21:07…
    "name, url, and color scheme with our Mixnmojo" hahaha.. well arent I cute. I just adore you guys.
  • JackTheGaffer on 26 Mar, 2002, 21:20…
    Stalking is another word for it.
  • JBRAA on 26 Mar, 2002, 21:21…
    and proud of it. =) hehe get lost buster.