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You'd think we'd be all over it when a massive update occurs on the LucasArts 20th Anniversary site, but it seems we missed it this time around!

First off, in the LucasArts Theatre you can find a nice 320x240 version of the old Curse of Monkey Island trailer AVI that was released a few months before the game originally came out. Yes, the one featuring wacky overly synthesized placholder music, and the little "Elaine!" bit of cutscene that never showed up in the real game.

Second, we get part four of the History of LucasArts, which covers EMI, Indy and the Infernal Machine, the whole slew of Episode 1 titles, and some other classics like X-Wing expansions and Rogue Squadron, and current titles like Bounty Hunter and Rogue Leader. History!

And third, we're treated to a Q & A with Larry Holland, the CEO of Totally Games, who worked with LucasArts to create the air combat series (Secret Weapons of the Luftwaffe, etc), as well as the X-Wing series. He's back with them again working on an unnamed WWII flight combat game in the tradition of Luftwaffe.

Finally, we also get a storyboard from Outlaws.


  • Bobo Donkey? on 16 Dec, 2002, 06:22…
    You guys. Its been a great year so far, I just hope that nothing spoils it now that were so close to the end of 2002.
    This has probably been the best month of the year since so many great things have happened to me.

    December the 1st: Went to my first football game, Celtic Vs Motherwell, oh it was so great.
    December the 7th to the 14th: I went on holiday to Benidorm. That was great too. I bought lots of cool crap, a Kermit toy, a rubber chicken (but it doesnt have a pulley in the middle }:?(, a pair of "Geek Glasses" (Just what I need to make myself look like Bernard }:?) and a tiny self-inflating whoopie cushion (no LucasArts reference here -chuckle- }:?).

    I tell ya, lots of cool stuff happened there but while I was away (with my parents) I heard my big sister invited lots of her friends to the house on Tuesday and one guy got pissed off so much that he overturned a table and the downstairs nieghbors were complaining so when I came back from my holiday on Saturday I noticed my room was in a mess. Playstation controllers on the floor and all sorts of crap. My Eminem CD was missing from my room so I went into the living room to find it.
    Found it, plus six other rap CD's that someone had left behind. So I confiscated those and decided to keep them until I got some CD-Rs to copy them onto (well I was pissed off at the time because of the state of my room).
    When my big sister got home from work I told her of the rap CDs I took and she said "Oh thats ok, you can keep them." because they really belong to that asshole who knocked the table over. "Fair enough" I thought, "the CDs will compensate nicely for the damage he done to the table".
    Mind you though, my sister said he might arrive back for the CDs he forgot, and if he does, she says to give them back exept for the M.O.P. CD because she wants it, heh heh. So I definetly have to get those CDs copied a.s.a.p.

    (He also left behind a can of Heineken so I claimed that as well and put it in the fridge heh heh }:?)

    Its quite funny. Before my holiday to Benidorm, in my English class those two chicks asked me out to the Christmas dance on Thursday the 19th and I said "I'll think about it".

    You see, I dont go to those silly dances. Its just crappy traditional shite like the stuff you see on the "Hogmany Live" program each year (to us Scottish guys anyway, I dont know what you other guys put up with) so Im just thinking of a funny excuse not to go (Its really money consuming you see, you pay five pounds just for the ticket, then you have to buy smart formal clothing if you dont have any already, even the shoes).
    You guys can help me make up a funny excuse if you want. Besides, I got plans for that night. Im going to play "Space Quest IV" (thats "4" for those of you who cant read roman numerals). I dont know why I'm going to play "Space Quest IV" but thats my plan (and I dont intend to change it }:?)

    Hopefully on Christmas Day (If I get the chance) I will reveal to you guys once and for all what my real name is and I will give you a nice suprise (Its not anything rude if thats what you're thinking). If not on Xmas day then sometime after that I hope.

    Snootchie Bootchies }:?)
  • Jake on 16 Dec, 2002, 19:35…
    These comments are ridiculous. They're almost always off-topic, and push anything relevant numerous scrolls down the page. If you keep it up like this I think we're going to have to start deleting them or something. I have a couple ideas for you: First, check out our forums. Long ranty pseudo-off-topic stuff like your "article comments" are more welcome there. Second, have you ever considered just starting a blog? They're all the craze these days. Please take your remarks to LiveJournal, or set up a copy of Movabletype on your very own personal webspace somewhere. Thanks. Snoogans.
  • Bobo Donkey? on 19 Dec, 2002, 04:44…
    Jake. Im sorry. I didnt realise the inconvinience those comments caused. I'll be a good boy from now on.
  • Bobo Donkey? on 16 Dec, 2002, 06:22…
    Uh oh. Another long comment }:?) Check out the Bum Bum song.
  • JBRAA on 16 Dec, 2002, 03:23…
    hee hee
    THE DIG!!

    This image in not included in The Dig Player's Strategy Guide. It looks like a combination of 3 or 4 locations. All wierd and fun.
  • Bobo Donkey? on 16 Dec, 2002, 06:21…
    Your talent for putting pictures up in your comments fascinate me JBRAA.

    Does JBRAA stand for anything in particular by the way?
  • QueZTone on 15 Dec, 2002, 22:20…
    lol, i think something mixed up here :D JBRAA != JQuest
    JQuest = QueZTone = Ralgath

    and sorry for the whining, as I said, it came out a bit rude
  • JBRAA on 16 Dec, 2002, 03:27…
  • QueZTone on 16 Dec, 2002, 07:53…
    hee :D
  • JBRAA on 16 Dec, 2002, 03:24…
    hee hee =)
  • Jake on 15 Dec, 2002, 22:53…
    JBRAA also complained :)