The Music of Insecticide 19 Apr, 2008, 02:16 / 2 comments

IGN have a very good interview with Master Peter McConnell, composer, on the music of Insecticide. His opinion on the game:

"The story and art were both a joy to work with – really inspiring. What's more, these elements had the support of incredible voice acting. The character voices brought the world to life in way that's rare in a game. A unique world and story, great characters and acting – what more can you ask?"

For more people to buy it, Peter. For more people to buy it and consequently get laid.
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  • Thrik on 19 Apr, 2008, 14:52…
    Yet more quality music, going off those samples. ;
  • Maratanos on 19 Apr, 2008, 05:14…
    What more can you ask? For it to freakin' COME OUT ALREADY. (for PC)