The Legend of Monkey Island initiates a second Monkey Island Fan-Site Cold War 23 Jul, 2020 / 6 comments

Do you remember Legend of Monkey Island? Of course you do, and as you probably know, the site has been offline for nearly a decade. Until now. The web site, possibly best known for its library of Monkey Island animated GIFs, is back with a new design, one that even is responsive. A first among the old Monkey Island fan-sites, and what I can personally only consider a slap in my face.

So, that means two of the classic fan-sites are alive -- The SCUMM Bar too, of course. Get World of Monkey Island going again, and we really can party 2002-style.

Source: Jake



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    jp-30 on 24 Jul, 2020, 23:45…
    Source: Jake

    And the clickthrough! Nice.
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    Dinghy on 24 Jul, 2020, 20:04…
    I also really hope that the other old fansites also get resurrected, like the and also some site called Broken Language which had these cool MI/Sonic crossover comics:
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    ThunderPeel2001 on 24 Jul, 2020, 09:26…
    Now how about getting the Mojo sub sites back up again? :)
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    armstrong on 23 Jul, 2020, 23:08…
    This makes me so happy. My web design career was kickstarted by trying to build a Monkey Island fan site in Microsoft Word, inspired by LoMI, SCUMM bar, etc.

    In other news: those GIFs make great custom emoji in Slack.
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    bgbennyboy on 23 Jul, 2020, 21:27…
    Great news! Well done Blondebeard.
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    MiguelAlves on 23 Jul, 2020, 21:04…
    Thanks for the mention!! We can all blame de pandemic for this.

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