The Land of the Dead - Tune In Weekly! 06 Jul, 2002, 20:33 / 2 comments

Grim Fandango Network's hosted site Nightlight Productions has put the first episode of their original radio show, Tierra de los Muertos, online. TDLM is set in a land very very similar to that of Grim Fandango, but features all new characters and an original plot. Here's the scoop:
Welcome to Tierra de los Muertos, the Land of the Dead. A place of transition between the Living World, and the Underworld. It is here that a new soul has just made the transition, and a mortal has been found.

The presence of a mortal in the Land of the Dead is unheard of. He is proclaimed the chosen one, the one person prophesised to lead the people to the Gates of the Afterlife, to which he alone holds the key.
The series is 10 parts long, and is updated every week. Anyone interested in Grim Fandango, classic radio dramas, or fan creations should definitely give it a listen.


  • 8 of 12 on 07 Jul, 2002, 17:41…
    Wow! Tierra de los Muertos is really really good! I'm excited

  • mxbx on 09 Jul, 2002, 23:59…
    Fascinatingly, I too was excited. But then again, I feel like I was far too involved to comment further. [:P] [;P] [:)] [emote!]