The DeathSpanker Interviewed... twice! 27 Feb, 2008, 09:58 / 5 comments

As Sven_Q45 helpfully pointed out on our forum, Ron Gilbert has a lovely new interview over at Inc Gamers, who I admit I'd never heard of before today. They talk about DeathSpank, Penny Arcade Adventures, and some game with pirates and monkeys in that I'd also never heard of.

This is probably my favourite question and answer:
How do you think storytelling has improved in gaming over the years?

It hasn’t.
Honest to a fault, that man. Check it out.

Update: And as Kroms just as helpfully pointed out, Eurogamer's got one too. Now them I have heard of.


  • Sven_Q45 on 29 Apr, 2008, 21:07…
    Now, can everybode chance my name here to Sven_Q45, too, please?
    I´ve joned in the forums later, because of SWKOTOR. And now I´ve two accounts here! :|
  • Udvarnoky on 27 Feb, 2008, 02:18…
    So since Ron is Hothead's Creative Director, are we to assume that Hothead is both the publisher and the developer of the game? I was under the assumption that Ron would kind of form his on pseudo-company (Angry Tomato or whatever?) once he had a publisher. I guess he's found a good team in his colleagues?
  • Kroms on 27 Feb, 2008, 01:43…
    Errr there's one at Eurogamer too:
  • Kroms on 27 Feb, 2008, 01:54…
    About the actual interview, it's a shame he didn't promote some indie games like AVS or Insecticide...Good stuff though.
  • Sp0tted on 26 Feb, 2008, 23:35…
    Now there's an interview a history major could love.